About Maggie

The Short and Sweet

Maggie Giles is a Canadian author who enjoys creating new connections and experiencing new opportunities. Her writing interests span across a variety of genres, most recently focusing on a thriller novel series.

A Bit Longer

Maggie Giles is a positive, outgoing person who enjoys creating new connections and experiencing new opportunities. She is a Canadian author working full time as a marketing associate for an industrial manufacturer. When backpacking through Europe, she developed an interest in writing and began writing historical fictions from the Tudor era in England, but her writing interests span larger. She has also dabbled in thrillers, scifi and more recently starting a fantasy series. She is currently working on an adult thriller novel.

Maggie is an avid participant of Scribophile, an online writing community for serious writers, as well as a member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association where she has worked as their Social Media Coordinator since June 2014. She's addicted to social media.

If she's not writing, Maggie is usually bogged down with some other creative project. She has a love for knitting and sewing as well as cooking up a storm. If she has to go outside, you'll find her at the barn cuddling the horses (and probably riding them too.). If she had the money, she'd spend the rest of her life travelling the world and staying in hostels.

She also has an unnatural obsession with Shawn Spencer.

For information on her current projects and publications please check out her works page.