All Around the World

Novel Excerpt
All Around the World
By Maggie Giles

I was sitting in the police station, staring out the nearest window and watching the world outside when Parker found me. He sat next to me on the hard plastic seats but I didn’t look towards him, I only continued to stare.

Outside was grey, overcast and reflective of what I was feeling. It had been forty eight hours since I last saw my best friend. Two days since I heard her voice. Two days since she had disappeared. And I did nothing but worry. At least after this long the police were seriously looking for her.

“Hey.” Parker nudged me when I still didn’t look towards him. “You alright?”

“That’s a stupid question,” I said.

His hand slid between my arm and thigh, then he hooked his fingers around mine. “It’s not.”

I looked down at our hands and shook my head. “You know the answer to that.”

He grimaced but didn’t have a chance to respond before one of the police officers approached us. We’d been introduced before. Officer Juran He spoke in a heavy Czech accent and instructed us to go back to the hostel. If they found anything they’d call. It made me more anxious but I didn’t have a choice.

“What about the embassy?” I asked.

“The authorities have been informed,” he said. “We are hoping to wrap this up as quickly as possible.”

I didn’t mention that if they helped us the morning Carter disappeared then maybe it would have been wrapped up already.

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