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I strive to take relatable characters and put them in extraordinary circumstances. Each novel features growth as readers are invited to follow along on various adventures while each character faces an unexpected twist!

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The Things We Lost

By Maggie Giles

Independent Press Award Distinguished Favourite 2023

Named Top 10 Women's Fiction for 2022 by Booklist.

Maddie Butler has been haunted for fourteen years. After the suspicious death of a friend when she was twenty-two, Maddie tried to move on, convincing herself there was nothing she could have done. Now in an unfulfilling marriage, she realized how much the guilt has led to an unhappy life.

When she runs into her ex-boyfriend, the memories come flying back in full force. Burdened with regret and unhappiness, Maddie wonders how her life could have been different. The next morning, she wakes up twenty-six years old and in a completely different life. Her daughters don't exist, her husband is nowhere to be found, and her friend is still alive, four years after her funeral.

As Maddie navigates this new world, she realizes she is the product of her own unhappiness. But is this new do-over exactly what she needs, even if it means never seeing her daughters again?

For fans of Amy Impellizzeri's Lemongrass Hope and Taylor Jenkins Reid's Maybe In Another Life, that will have you wondering, what if?


By Maggie Giles

Detective Ryan Boone thought the simple jewelry heist was an open and shut case. That is until he discovers an unknown drug, and this minor crime he was investigating may be tied to a string of seemingly unconnected murders.

Meanwhile, Mel Parker, unscrupulous leader of a less-than-legal high-end escort service, stumbles across the same pills. On top of protecting her “investment,” she has her own reasons for attempting to unravel the mystery behind the medication.

Ryan knows someone has the answers he seeks, and Mel can’t come forward. To complicate things further, five other women are implicated in the murders despite most having never met.

As the trail turns up as many mysteries as resolutions, Ryan and Mel must discover the twisted connection before someone else ends up dead.

For fans of The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, and When You Find Me by P. J. Vernon, Twisted will have you questioning the motive behind the murders and how exactly one can be found guilty when the evidence doesn't add up.



By Maggie Giles

Detective Ryan Boone just can’t let this case go. While the mystery behind the robbery and murders in Twisted was uncovered a few months back, there is still a very large loose thread that Boone desperately wishes to tie up. He convinces his superiors to allow him to travel to Ottawa, where he’s uncovered a lead into a conspiracy that hints what happened in Toronto has nation-wide, and horrific, implications.

Former detective Cora Porter has moved to forensics, but when a strange case involving a murder, a runaway, and a case of mistaken identity hits close to home, she squeezes her way into the investigation. It also doesn’t help that a certain visiting detective has caught her eye, and is also willing to work with her on the case.

Their suspect, Blaine Roche, always seems to be one step ahead of Ryan and Cora. What they don’t know is that he’s not just trying to evade arrest, but take down the conspiracy for his own purposes. Given he’s already a wanted man, Blaine is willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge. He has nothing else to lose … or so he thinks. Wicked picks up where Twisted left off, but in a new location and with several new twists.

The Art of Murder

By Maggie Giles

In the tranquil town of Cedar Plains, where safety and community are sacred, Courtney Faith’s ideal life is upended by a body found on a local farm, shattering her peaceful existence. Her friend, Alexa Huston, intimately familiar with chaos, gets entangled in an accidental murder that escalates her spiraling life into deeper darkness. Alexa wrestles with a disturbing question: Is murder justifiable if it targets the deserving?

As bodies accumulate, the local police scramble for answers. Torn between loyalty and justice, Courtney discovers evidence linking Alexa to the crimes. Their friendship frays as Courtney grapples with a dire choice: expose Alexa and risk her own darkest secret, or protect a friend and possibly destroy everything she cherishes.

In Cedar Plains, some truths are too perilous to unearth. Caught in a deadly dance of secrets and lies, Courtney must decide whether to confront the monster behind a familiar face or let their secrets stay hidden, buried within the town’s heart. Their darkest deeds are cloaked in silence, and no one truly knows anything.

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