The Art of Murder

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Coming June 10, 2025


In the idyllic town of Cedar Plains, safety and community are not just expectations; they're guarantees. Courtney Faith never doubted she'd raise her children here, nestled away from the world's chaos. But the discovery of a body on a local farm shatters the peace, twisting her reality into a nightmarish intrigue.

Alexa Huston knows chaos intimately. A life feeling perpetually out of control takes a dark turn when she's involved in an accidental murder, igniting a troubling question within her: is murder justifiable if it targets the deserving? As she steps deeper into the shadows to impose her version of order, bodies begin to surface, leaving the local police baffled and desperate for answers.

When Courtney stumbles upon evidence linking Alexa to the gruesome crimes, the fabric of their friendship begins to fray. Torn between loyalty and justice, Courtney faces an agonizing decision. Alexa isn't just her friend; she's the keeper of Courtney’s darkest secret. Revealing the truth might free her or destroy everything she holds dear.

As secrets teeter on the brink of exposure, Courtney and Alexa find themselves locked in a deadly dance. In Cedar Plains, some truths are too perilous to unearth. Can Courtney confront the monster hiding behind a familiar face, or will their secrets remain shielded, buried within the heart of Cedar Plains? Only time will tell because, for now, their darkest deeds are cloaked in silence, and in this town, no one truly knows anything.

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