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The Things We Lost
Women’s Fiction with Thriller Elements
A foolish affair gives a mom an unexpected do-over, sending her ten years back to an alternate reality. Her kids don’t exist, her best friend hates her and even stranger, a formerly-dead friend is still alive. Desperate to see her kids, she questions whether her old life is worth the death of another.
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Book One of Twisted duology
An abused housewife, a working class woman, and an heiress; three different women from three very different worlds, all entwined in one deadly crime. As Detective Ryan Boone discovers more about the strange case, he realizes that the evidence is skewed by a confusing mental disorder and a new anxiety drug. He has to unravel the mystery before another body turns up.
Status: Sold to Rising Action Publishing Collective for September 19, 2023
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Book Two of Twisted duology

A strange prescription drug and the conspiracy around it sends local police on a whirlwind case as they attempt to locate the original creator and make him answer for the harm he’s caused.
Status: Sold to Rising Action Publishing Collective for Fall 2024
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