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Coming October 22, 2024


Detective Ryan Boone just can’t let this case go. While the mystery behind the robbery and murders in Twisted was uncovered a few months back, there is still a very large loose thread that Boone desperately wishes to tie up. He convinces his superiors to allow him to travel to Ottawa, where he’s uncovered a lead into a conspiracy that hints what happened in Toronto has nation-wide, and horrific, implications.

Former detective Cora Porter has moved to forensics, but when a strange case involving a murder, a runaway, and a case of mistaken identity hits close to home, she squeezes her way into the investigation. It also doesn’t help that a certain visiting detective has caught her eye, and is also willing to work with her on the case.

Their suspect, Blaine Roche, always seems to be one step ahead of Ryan and Cora. What they don’t know is that he’s not just trying to evade arrest, but take down the conspiracy for his own purposes. Given he’s already a wanted man, Blaine is willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge. He has nothing else to lose … or so he thinks. Wicked picks up where Twisted left off, but in a new location and with several new twists.

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