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Here to help you navigate the confusing world of newsletters and mailing lists. From curating a list to design and content tips, let me support your publishing journey!

Social Media

Hate the idea of having to manage your own social media platforms? Let me help you with cost-effective ways to manage your feed and stay on top of your social media game.


Is staring at code making you crazy? Something you can't fix?  Or just looking for a website refresh? Let me help you get the perfectly branded author website, guaranteed to be your best companion on your journey to publication.

Maggie Giles

Get Noticed

With a background in Social Media, Marketing and Website Development, I can support your journey and help you make and share interesting content that gets noticed.

Social Media, the easy way.

Social media can be daunting. With my support, I can help you make the most of your available time with unique posts and a focus on your brand.

Maggie Giles

Next Steps...

Book a 30-minute Mentor Call for $50.00 through The Good Book Collective. 

Or contact me to start a dialogue on how I can support your writing journey!

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